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Danielle Mardsenis a derrick operator with a love for the fine dining scene in Dublin. While she loves to go out and enjoy a fine meal in any of the many restaurants in the city, she has a special interest in the ones that offer fine dining menus. This is her favourite way of relaxing after a long day at work.

She fell in love with fine dining after quite a few dates. It took her by surpriseto go out for exciting nights out at the best restaurantsin Dublin, as the food shehad tasted was paired with wonderful environments to enjoy the dishes.

If she had any doubts about the costs and whether it was all worth it or not, these were soon dispelled when she realized just how relaxing these dates were.


This magazine was born out of our creator’s desire to share her thoughts and experiences with all fine dining lovers visiting or living in Dublin. If you are wondering why Ember magazine focuses on the Dublin area, the answer is that it’s herhometown.

Being born and raised in Dublin,she has gotten to know the best places first-hand better than everyone else can while showing the food scene to visitorsfrom other cities.

Danielle takes special care to only talk about the food and placesshe has already tried and visited, as she feels this provides readers with a better source of information. While sometimes it can be tricky to find a new exciting topic to post in Ember, she came to understand that all we need to do as a magazineis to take the risk.

Trying a new place or a new menu option wouldn’t hurt anyone, and the articles come easy as an added plus.

Our Readers

Through time, Ember has amassed a wide range of readers that have provided us with feedback letting us know we are on the right track with Ember’s articles. Many of our readers have told us we have changed their mind regarding fine dining.