4 Best Restaurants in Dublin

We are always on the hunt for a restaurant that blows our mind with their trendy flavours. However, finding a new spot that could surprise us can be rather difficult, as picking among the wide variety of Dublin doesn’t always land in the best places.

If you want to learn about the trendiest places in Dublin, pay attention to the following.

Clanbrassil House

Although this restaurant opened its doors just a couple of years ago, it has become one of the go-to choices among the citizens of Dublin. It’s a familiar environment restaurant meant to be community-friendly and approachable.

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The overall look reminisces an old pub with their exposed original bricks, high wooden tables, and chalkboards with specials written on them. You can find delicious gems of the traditional Irish cuisine such as homemade sausages, charcoal-cooked Irish beef, and brown chips with pickled onions, among other wonderful plates.

Mr Fox

We don’t know how this restaurant isn’t more famous, as the quality we can find in their menu’s completely unique dishes and the experience is nothing short of amazing. They are focused on minimalist dishes, in which you can appreciate the flavour intensity in their handpicked high-end ingredients.

Chapter One

Exclusivity is the name of the game once you step in the restaurant Chapter One, as a deluxe experience will be waiting for you. To get a table in this restaurant could take months of planning, but there is a reason why they are always booked.

This is not a budget-friendly restaurant, yet there is a lot of value in every plate you will be served. You can’t go higher than Chapter One when we are talking about fine dining in downtown Dublin.

This is the perfect location for a fancy wedding proposal or an important anniversary. But make sure to plan and book ahead.

Pi Pizza

Make some room in your agenda to visit this awesome and really busy pizzeria. Usually, the line to get in can go around the corner, and once you are inside the place you need to write down your name and wait a little more.

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Dublin’s dining scene has many options for all budgets because this city is full of diversity and amusement. If you are planning to get to Ireland in the near future, don’t forget to visit at least one of the places mentioned above.