3 Fine Dining Restaurants Everyone Should Visit in Ireland

Fine dining can be quite the experience because it covers excellent food, glamorous atmosphere, great customer service, and a balance price-quality relationship. You don’t want to be overspending on a meal you are not going to remember.

Ireland has been developing an edge in culinary art and we can see it more and more in its restaurants.

No matter what you are into there is something for every taste with options ranging from absolute carnivore feast up to completely vegan menus. If you want to know about the hottest restaurants in Ireland, you should keep reading to find where you should celebrate your next anniversary or any important occasion.



This restaurant has been serving high-end meals for over 20 years, delivering classic French cuisine dishes, and they are as popular as they were back then. If you are looking for a classic restaurant in Dublin, you can’t go wrong if you pick L’ecrivain for your special affairs.

Besides being awarded the Michelin star, their sommelier has also been awarded multiple times. Therefore, great wine and a la carte dining experience are guaranteed. Their facilities can accommodate private gatherings or big events depending on the selected room.

The Greenhouse


Few places are making such a bold statement in the culinary universe of Dublin like The Greenhouse. This amazing restaurant has only been open to the public for one year, but there is no denying success under the brilliant mind of Chef Eamonn O’Reilly.

The main goal of this restaurant is to be stuck in your memory, and they surely do that.

The star of the show is the tasting menu, yet they also offer a set menu to mix it up. The price-quality relation of this restaurant is amazing taking into account the value you will get on your plate. The overall atmosphere of the place can be electric and relaxing at the same time.

Locks Brasserie


While the locks Brasserie has been rewarded with one Michelin-starin the past, it conserves that cosy feeling we all feel attracted to. We can find in this glamorous place all the classics from French cuisine, but with an Irish twist in the mix to make it unique.

You can have high-end meals without the formality of a Michelin-star restaurant.

The main room has a casual atmosphere, as the whole place invites you to pop up without a reservation. However, if you want a private room for your party, they can also please your specific requirements.

Ireland is a wonderful place for gastronomic tourism and these restaurants are proving you can get whatever your culinary taste desires. These are only a few places from the exclusive and vast selection we can find.

Are you planning to go to Ireland in the near future? What kind of meals are you interested in tasting?